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A mixture of functional test approaches for any platform


Functional Exploratory Testing

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Get high quality and relevant bugs for your developers to fix

Our in-house moderation team remove any duplicates and ensure all bugs are in scope, with clear steps to reproduce.

Save time with results in 48 hours or less

Get your dev team fixing bugs in 48 hours or less by instantly importing issues directly into any bug tracker at the end of the test cycle. If you’d like to get bugs even faster consider our Unlimited Plus Package.

Ramp up your QA team quickly with more professional eyes looking at your app

Get 10-20 professional testers onto your app / site from our exclusive pool of QA professionals around the world. Find out who our testers are on our community page.

Instantly cover hundreds of devices / OS combinationsaround the world

Don’t buy devices! We use our in-house knowledge of the top device / browser / OS combinations you’ll need to cover, based on your industry and needs.

Improve your QA process from best practice based on our collective knowledge of testing over 6480 unique apps

Your dedicated QA will invest time helping develop and improve your QA process by tapping into learnings and best practice from working with the best dev teams around the world.

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“Instead of testing the top 500 apps as planned, partnering with GAT allowed us to increase our testing surface area by an order of magnitude within the same time window.”

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